Flashback Friday Podcasts ~ Let’s Have Some Historic Fun!

Flashback Friday Podcasts ~ Let’s Have Some Historic Fun!

What if… you were invited to share some of your favorite life stories as a guest on a podcast?  And what if each episode featured some memorable experiences or significant events in your life?  And what if you could share your stories on as many episodes as you like, as often as you wish?  And what if you had the option to keep your podcast episodes private so you could choose who to share them with?

Welcome to the Flashback Friday Podcast
your opportunity to document and preserve some of your favorite life stories!

Meet Our Flashback Friday Host ~ Kenneth Greenberg

Kenneth Greenberg :: Personal Historian & Podcast Host

Growing up near Chicago in the 1950s, I enjoyed a happy Baby Boomer childhood… riding bikes and swimming with friends in the summer… snow sledding and ice skating with friends in the winter… and when I wasn’t outside playing with friends I was inside watching sitcoms on TV or listening to WLS on my red plastic transistor pocket radio.

These days, when I am not providing Personal Historian Services, I get my kicks hosting Flashback Friday Podcasts with family, friends and fellow Boomers. It’s a great way to document and preserve some of the memorable experiences and significant events in our lives to be shared exclusively with loved ones.

Be My Guest... on the Flashback Friday Podcast!

All you need is a computer or an iPad or a smartphone – and a few stories to share.
Give me a call at 609-429-0699 to get the ball rolling. I look forward to hearing from you!